Limited (and blood signed) prints of my older art will be available for purchase on April 22nd, 2014 as a premium for donating to KDVS 90.3fm. KDVS is a free-form radio station I used to DJ for from the age of 16-20, and it offered me the opportunity to travel all over the West Coast and interview bands such as Enthroned, Behemoth & Celtic Frost, along with allowing me to play literally what ever the fuck I wanted. As tribute to their impact on my life a close friend of mine and I will be making a limited about of prints to help with this years annual fundraiser. No word on the price yet, but please forward any questions you may have to me on here and I’ll be happy to answer. 
I will be on-air again, co-hosting the show Unspeakable Cults the night the prints will become available. Tune into 90.3fm if you live in the Sacramento (CA) valley at 11pm (PST) or listen live at:
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Child Seated, Holding SkullBartholomäus Reiter
Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Emblem 14. Jupiter sits on a throne holding out his staff or sceptre in his left hand. Upon his head he wears a triple crown. At his feet are small symbols of Sun and Moon while beside him stands the alchemist. Kneeling at his feet are Saturn, Sun and Mars on the left and Mercury, Venus and Luna or Moon on the right.
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The bronze snake.Main nave of Sant’Ambrogio basilica in Milan, Italy. The bronze snake (formerly believed to be the one by Moses), a gift from emperor Basil II (1007). It stands on an Ancient Roman granite pillar.
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Hombre de Aragón fustigándose por sus pecados carnales según  Trachtenbuch des Christoph Weiditz
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Death and the Courtesan; deceptive copy after Sebald Beham. 1522-1550
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Hans Holbein the Younger, Dance of Death, 1538  
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The Devil taking the soul of a dying man, 1508
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Detail of Matthias Gerung, ‘Life of the Antichrist’ (c.1544-1558)
"The baptism of the Antichrist; the Antichrist wearing a papal tiara, surrounded by a group of devils dressed as monks and nuns. With grotesque ornamental border and two cartouches with letterpress title and verse. Woodcut and letterpress.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan